In the Pantry (part 5)

18 Aug

Saturday is supposed to be my day off, but as I haven’t been around the blogsphere for a few weeks I thought I had better take my chance to finish up my pantry series while I have a free moment.

Rise and shine: It must have been about 7.30am, I was kind of zombie-like until about 10am after staying up to watch a movie last night, so I’m a bit fuzzy on what time my kids tore off the covers and pleaded with me to get up and make milos (Boy wonder is pretty good at making cuppas, but he’s not yet allowed to pour the hot water by himself).

Chocolate consumed: None! And not by choice, unfortunately. The chocolate supply in our house has dwindled fast this week. Although I did have a sponge roll with chocolate icing for morning tea.

Toilet timeouts: 1

On the menu:  McDonalds & KFC (it is Saturday night after all).

All kids in bed by: 9.30pm (we had SIL and family over tonight, so kids were up late playing with their cousins. Fingers crossed they sleep in tomorrow morning).

My bedtime: 11.00pm

Today I…

Did some washing, loaded the dishwasher and wasted an awful lot of time on the computer looking at old photos of my kids and working on a new picture book idea.

In the Pantry

I actually finished the pantry as part of day 5 of 31 Days to an Organised Home a while ago, but I’ve only just uploaded the final photos onto my computer to share them. I’ve been busily working away on day 6–organising my kitchen.I’ve been taking before and after photos, so I will be sharing my kitchen’s progress as I get time to blog.

But first, the grand unveiling of my finished pantry.



The top shelf, which was full of junk and a lot of old packets of food, got totally cleared out (it was sad how much half eaten packets of stale chips were thrown out–such waste). Now there is a box for packets of chips, so packets aren’t getting shoved to the back corner and forgotten. I want to attach pegs to the side of the box so they can easily be used to secure opened packets. There is also a basket for other junk food, like chocolate. Dad’s snacks are hubby’s breakfast bars as he often eats breakfast on the go–having them all in a basket means I don’t have a heap of boxes taking up room. And our alcohol is lined up neatly with taller bottles at the back (which you can’t see in this photo).

I like to keep all the junk food on the top shelf for two reasons: 1. It stops kids raiding it–they tend to go for the more easily accessible fruit and muesli bars. 2. Because I’m short, I need a stool to reach it, which stops me from raiding it too much as well!

One of the unexpected benefits of my new reorganised pantry is that it is so much easier to write my shopping list! It’s so easy now to just look in there and immediately see what is running low. Before, often I wouldn’t know I was out of something until I went to use it. Or I would have a new packet of something stowed away and not realise it was in there and end up buying another packet.

Another added benefit is Boy wonder has been put in charge of getting his own snacks ready for school, since it’s so much easier for him to find and access everything.

So far everyone in the house has been pretty good at putting everything back where it belongs.

If you have any great pantry tips, please share!

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Kid Funny of the Day

This is actually from the other day. Boy wonder had been learning about the creation story in RE at school and asked me, “If Adam and Eve were the first people, who came next?” I replied, “They had two sons named Cain and Abel.” He was very quick to respond, “I know who came after that: Pa!” He must think his grandfather is pretty old!


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