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In the Pantry (part 2)

No. of times up during the night: 2 x feeding bubs, 2 x take child back to bed

Rise and shine: 7.20am

Chocolate consumed: A couple of handfuls of maltesers, 2 funsize Mars Bars

Toilet timeouts: 0

On the menu:  Sausages & chips for the kids, microwave meal for me (not the healthiest of dinners, especially after take away last night, but bubs was really unsettled tonight so I chucked on whatever was quick and easy).

All kids in bed by: 8.20pm

My bedtime: 9.30pm

Today I…

Vacuumed the house. Wiped down the kitchen. Had swimming lesson with the princess. Continued attacking the pantry.

In the Pantry

It seems like day 5 of 31 Days to an Organised Home (organising my pantry) is turning into a whole week. At this rate I might get to day 31 by the end of the year! Today I’m sharing shelf two. First, a reminder of what my pantry looked like before:


Now onto the second bottom shelf (cereal, pasta, rice, etc.):


Shelf 2

Here’s the breakdown:

– I have an annoyingly designed pantry with these spaces on either side that are difficult to utilise, but I’ve tried to work with it as best I can. I’ve tried to line up the cereals in a way that I can easily see every box, without having some boxes behind others by lining the smaller boxes along that annoying side space and the bigger boxes along the back (all with spines facing out).

*THRIFTY TIP* If you don’t want to fork out for fancy labels, here’s a little trick I came up with: Cut out the name of the pasta/rice from the packet after you’ve put the contents into a sealable container and tape it onto the container. This is especially good for non see-through containers. On the container with the oats I also made sure to cut out and tape on the instructions for making porridge.

– I used to have the kids’ snack box on a higher shelf to stop them raiding it whenever they wanted. Boy wonder is now tall enough to reach it anyway and often leaves it on the floor because he can’t get it back up again, so I’ve decided to put it back at their level. They’re actually getting quite good at asking first now anyway. The snack box works well because a) I don’t have heaps of opened boxes of muesli bars, cheese & biscuits and boxes of sultanas cluttering the cupboard, I just dump all the snacks into the box together, and b) the kids know which snacks are theirs. I’m about to start getting boy wonder to pack his own school snacks in the morning and it will be easy for him to just pick a snack from the box to put in his lunchbox.

– I’ve used a labelled basket to keep all my packet pasta and 2-minute noodles contained in one spot. Behind them are my lasagne sheets, tacos, etc.

– As with the first shelf, I’ve used white paper and a black marker to label where everything belongs.

Next post I’ll move on to the next shelf, so stay tuned.

P.S. I think my pantry organisation is already proving a success with hubby as he reportedly showed it off to my SIL today (and I haven’t even finished yet!).

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In the Pantry (part 1)

No. of times up during the night: 1 x feeding bubs, 1 x take child back to bed, 1 x change pyjamas on child who wet the bed.

Rise and shine: 7.00am

Chocolate consumed: A handful of maltesers

Toilet timeouts: 0

On the menu: McDonalds (after picking up hubby from hospital after a minor surgery, it was around dinnertime, so we succumbed to the golden arches)

All kids in bed by: 8.15pm

My bedtime: 9.30pm

Today I…

Spent half the day at the hospital with hubby. Tidied and vacuumed the master bedroom. Washed the princess’s bedding.

In the Pantry

Still on day 5 of 31 Days to an Organised Home (organising my pantry) and although I didn’t get any more done today I promised photos, so here is a before shot and the first shelf I organised.


Pretty chaotic. I couldn’t fit the bottom shelf into the shot, which has potatoes, onions, bottles of drink and other miscellaneous things. There are bits and pieces of past attempts at organisation in there, such as the stripey box, which holds snacks for the kids (this system has been working really well for me as they know exactly what snacks they are allowed to have). You can also see I have most of my spreads and sauces grouped together on a round tray.


Shelf 1 (aka The Bottom Shelf)

I’ve still kept potatoes, onions, drinks, etc on the bottom shelf, but it’s much more organised. Here’s a break down of what I’ve done:

*THRIFTY TIP* The potatoes are in an old Coke box lined with newspaper. I covered the box with white butcher’s paper and labelled it, just so it looks nicer than a Coke box. It’s a cheap and easy way to make a potato box if you don’t have one and the potatoes keep better than if you leave them in their plastic bag (which tends to sweat).

– The onions I’ve put in a cheap white plastic basket I bought in a group of 4 (the other baskets will be used elsewhere in the pantry). I’m hoping this will solve the problem of loose onion skins littering the bottom of my pantry.

– Although I keep a fruit bowl out on the table in the dining room, I find that a) I usually have too much fruit to fit in there (my kids eat a LOT of fruit) and b) if I put all the fruit out at once the kids tend to eat it within a day or two, but if I store most of it in the pantry it lasts a bit longer until the next shopping day. What I’ve done here is use plastic containers (that apples and pears sometimes come in) to store the fruit in a more organised way than in their bags (which round fruit is notorious for rolling out of). The oranges are in a plastic bowl.

– Drinks are now lined up in a more orderly fashion, making it easier to locate what I need instead of having to pull half the bottles out just to find the juice. Oils and vinegar are lined up along the side.

– I’ve stuck labels in front of everything (using white paper and a black marker) in hopes that other members of the household will put things back where they belong.
Next post I will continue with shelf number two.

In the Pantry Part 2

In the Pantry Part 3

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In the Pantry Part 5


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A Feeling of Satisfaction

No. of times up during the night: 3 x feeding bubs, 2 x settling bubs

Rise and shine: 7.00am

Chocolate consumed: 1 hot chocolate (I did good today!)

Toilet timeouts: 0

On the menu: Sausage hot pot and mashed potatoes

All kids in bed by: 7.30pm (bubs woke up again at 10.15pm and didn’t want to settle)

My bedtime: 11.00pm

Continuing day 5 of 31 Days to an Organised Home and my pantry is well on the way to looking much less chaotic. I can actually see what’s in there without having to search behind stuff. I’ve found I really like looking inside my pantry now it’s getting organised. Several times today I’ve opened the pantry just so I can look at the lovely organised shelves. Maybe if this feeling of satisfaction lasts I might feel more motivated to keep it this way. I still have a shelf or two to organise so day 5 looks like it will be three days all up. I’ve been taking photos as I go and I will be sharing them on the blog.

Yesterday I…

Finished doing our taxes (yay!), ran errands in town and did grocery shopping.

Today I…

Continued my assault on the pantry.

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Let’s Try This Again

No. of times up during the night: 0! Bubs slept through the night. Yay! And although boy wonder snuck into our bed, I was too tired to notice until the morning.

Rise and shine: 6.30am

Chocolate consumed: Lots of Maltesers, a glass of chocolate milk, a hot chocolate

Toilet timeouts: 0

On the menu: Beef casserole and mashed potatoes

All kids in bed by: 7.30pm

My bedtime: 10.15pm

I fell off the wagon a bit over the school holidays. But now boy wonder is back at school and we’re settling back into our regular routine, I’ve decided it’s time to really get serious about getting organised.

After looking at some different blogs on organisation I’ve come to the realisation I don’t just want to do this to placate my husband (and my impossibly tidy mother in law), I want a house I can have some pride in and that is functional in a way that reduces my time spent cleaning it. I’ve never really minded mess and clutter, but I’m at a stage where I feel like I can’t invite people into my home without feeling some embarrassment. I want to be able to have people into my house without feeling embarrassed.

One of my biggest stumbling blocks has always been feeling overwhelmed by it all. I look at the clutter and feel so overwhelmed I don’t know where to begin, so I put it in the ‘I’ll deal with it later’ box.

I’m going to try something new; I’ve decided to just take it a little bit at a time. It might take me a long time to finally be where I want to be, but maybe it won’t feel so overwhelming.

Today I…

Spent far too much time on the computer catching up on emails and Facebook and uploading photos from our family holiday. Made a start on decluttering my pantry.

(I’m changing the way I present my day. I’ll be keeping it much more brief and instead focus on my journey to organisation.)

Wish me luck!


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Day 3 – Not Quite So Organised

Day 3 of getting organised (following 31 Days to an Organised Home) did not go quite so well as yesterday. I loved the idea of the three baskets, but unfortunately I did not plan ahead and had no baskets to use! I’ll have to put that one on hold.

No. of times up during the night: 2 x feeding baby, 1 x take child back to bed, 3 x attend to crying child

Rise and shine: 5.45am

Chocolate consumed: 2 fun size bags of Maltesers, 1 fun size Snickers, a hot chocolate.

Toilet timeouts: 1

On the menu: Homemade vegetable soup and garlic bread.

All kids in bed by: 7.00pm

My bedtime: 10.00pm

Today I…

Fed bubs. Tried to get bubs back to sleep (unsuccessfully). Made cuppas (+ 30 minutes computer time). Made breakfasts. Ate breakfast. Made boy wonder’s lunch & pack his bag. Lay out boy wonder’s clothes. Get kids organised. Changed bubs. School drop off. Explored frost with the princess. Retrieved and cleaned whiteboard (to make to do list). Fed bubs. Loaded washing machine. Farm paperwork while eating morning tea. Played with girls and gave bubs some tummy time. Rocked bubs to sleep. Unloaded & reloaded dishwasher. Wiped benches, stove, fridge, dishwasher & microwave. Sang nursery rhymes with the princess. Changed bubs. Fed bubs. Made lunch. Ate lunch. Work on cover letter for picture book submission. Made hubby’s lunch. Helped the princess make photo flower for kinder. Worked on cover letter some more. Critiqued manuscript in my critique group. Cut up fruit for the princess. Rocked bubs to sleep. Hung washing on clothes horse. Unloaded dryer. Sorted shoe rack. Swept floor. School pick up. Opened mail. Started dinner prep. Fed bubs. Finished preparing dinner. Cooked dinner. Ran bath and bathed bubs. Bathed other kids. Finished cooking dinner. Ate dinner while feeding bubs dinner. Fed bubs and put her to bed. Put other kids to bed. Finished eating dinner. Computer time. Reheated hubby’s dinner. Attended twitter chat on picture books. Blogged.

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Day 2 of Getting Organised

Day 2 of getting organised (following 31 Days to an Organised Home) talks about organising the coat cupboard. We have an entryway rather than a coat cupboard, but the concept still applies. This was a nice easy one to start with, as it just so happens this is the most organised part of my house. The princess and boy wonder each have their own row of hooks at their level as they walk in the door where they hang their bags, coats and hats. They’re trained pretty well to do this as soon as they come in. We also have a shoe rack right next to the door and they’re both now getting pretty good at putting their shoes there as they walk inside (this has taken a LOT of reminding and they sometimes still don’t always remember)–it makes it so much easier to find shoes in the morning instead of searching under the couch or under beds for a missing shoe. So I’m feeling good about my start to getting organised, though I’m sure the feeling won’t last when I start on the rest of the house.

No. of times up during the night: 4 x feeding baby

Rise and shine: 7.30am

Chocolate consumed: 1 fun size bag of Maltesers, 1 funsize Milky Way, a hot chocolate. (I did pretty well today 😀 )

Toilet timeouts: 0

All kids in bed by: 7.30pm

My bedtime: 10.00pm

Today I…

Make cuppas. Computer time (10 minutes). Change bubs. Made breakfast. Made boy wonder’s lunch. Packed bags. Got everyone dressed and ready. School & kinder drop off. Made doctor’s appointment. Fed bubs while eating breakfast. Changed bubs. Sorted out and took photos of baby clothes. Uploaded photos and listed clothes to sell. Had lunch. Fed bubs. Made lunch for hubby. Wrote cheques and got ready to go in town. Unloaded & reloaded dishwasher. Went into town. Got photos printed for boy wonder’s school project. Posted cheques. Did grocery shopping. School pick up. Bank. Kinder pick up. Unpacked shopping from car. Fed bubs while having afternoon tea. Worked on reading words with boy wonder. Put away shopping. Fed dogs. Rocked bubs to sleep. Made dinner. Got bubs ready for bed. Dished up dinner with screaming baby. Fed bubs. Got kids organised for bed. Rocked bubs to sleep. Ate dinner. Watched TV. Cooked hubby’s dinner. Blogged. Chatted with friend.

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Day 1 – Black Garbage Bags of Doom

I came across a website last week with a plan to get organised in 31 days (link at bottom of post). I’ve decided to give it a go and see how I go with it. Day one had no specific instructions as it was just an introduction to the plan, so I decided I would start my day 1 by bringing out the black garbage bags (as suggested on this website) and starting the cull. This is always hard for me. I find it hard to get rid of things. I um and ah over getting rid of anything, just in case it comes in handy one day. My goal is to become more ruthless in this area.

No. of times up during the night: 2 x feeding baby

Rise and shine: 6.00am

Chocolate consumed: 2 fun size bags of Maltesers, 1 funsize Snickers, 1 funsize Mars bar, 2 choc orange mini muffins, a hot chocolate, a few spoons of dry Milo.

Toilet timeouts: 0 (but came close)

All kids in bed by: 7.45pm

My bedtime:  10.15pm

Today I…

Fed bubs. Made cuppas. Changed bubs. Drank cuppa (+ 15 minutes computer time). Made breakfast. Ate breakfast. Made boy wonder’s lunch. Helped boy wonder count money for lunch order (because the bread defrosted hard). Set out boy wonder’s clothes. Unloaded & reloaded dishwasher. Bathed the princess. Got kids dressed & organised. Did a nit check (clear!). Did school drop off. Put bubs down for a nap. Put clothes in laundry. Farm paperwork. Took out rubbish. Stoked fire. Picked tomatoes. Toy cleanout. Unloaded & reloaded dryer. Hung out remaining washing & brought in dry washing. Folded washing. Fed bubs. Changed bubs. Sorted toys. Fed bubs. Made lunch for the princess. Made lunch for hubby, MIL, FIL, SIL, BIL and myself. Ate lunch & chatted. Farm paperwork. Changed bubs. Fed bubs (+ 20 minutes computer time). Farm paperwork. School pick up. Fed bubs while doing farm paperwork. Computer time (20 min). Cleaned up toys. Started prepping dinner. Got dinner on. Walked with bubs. Finished getting dinner ready. Dished up dinner (with screaming baby). Ate dinner while feeding bubs dinner. Fed bubs. Put bubs to bed. Got kids ready for bed. Fed bubs (again). Put bubs to bed (again). Put kids to bed. Fed bubs (again). Put bubs to bed (again). Reheated hubby’s dinner. Made cuppas. Drank cuppa and had computer time. Researched family tree. Blogged.

Getting Organised

Here is the link to the site for 31 Days to an Organised Home. Wish me luck!

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