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Little Things That Make a Big Difference

Rise and shine: 6.00am

Chocolate consumed: A handful of Maltesers

Toilet timeouts: 0

On the menu:  Homemade crispy chicken strips and chips (usually Saturday is takeout night, but we’re on a tight budget this week, so I made my own version of takeout).

All kids in bed by: 8.00pm

Today I…

Spruced up the kitchen a bit more and cleaned a few things I overlooked (like the fan cover over the stove). Plus I had two of my nephews over for the day and cooked up a pot of homemade macaroni cheese for lunch for the tribe of kiddies. I was quite productive for a Saturday.

The Kitchen

Here are a couple of little things I’ve done in my kitchen to make a difference. I’ll be sharing the bigger aspects (like the cupboards) in coming posts.

1. Tea and coffee area.

I wish I’d taken a before shot of this area. (This photo is obviously before I cleaned the fan cover). My biggest problem here was the spices. I like having them easily accessible above the stove for cooking, but before they were all just sitting on the shelf and I would forget what was at the back. Plus I had to watch I didn’t knock the front ones down. Now they’re all in a basket I can just pull down. I’ve been told I should keep herbs and spices out of the light, but since that would throw off my newly organised pantry, this is where they’ll stay for now (ideally I’d love to put up a spice rack inside the pantry door).

Coffee is now in a named pottery canister I had hoarded put away (sugar and tea already were in their canisters). Milo and hot chocolate are in small tins to fit on the shelf for easy access. I keep bigger tins in the pantry and just refill the smaller ones.

After I cleaned all the grease off the walls and organised the shelf I thought it looked a bit plain, so I added the cow pictures (I simply cut them out from last year’s dairy calendar, which I’d hoarded kept).

2. Windowsill

I came to realise all the knick knacks on my windowsill were actually making the room look smaller and more cluttered. I moved some things (like the jar with my wooden spoons) down to the bench next to the microwave. I moved the dishwashing liquid down in front of the windowsill and the disinfectant wipes to one of my newly rearranged cupboards. I had a heap of empty glass bottles lined up there as ‘decoration’ and moved half of them to the top of my shelves. The rest I made a bit prettier by adding some ribbon I picked up in the discard bin at Spotlight and some coloured water to catch the morning sunlight. I think by simplifying my windowsill decorations it has helped open the room up and look less cluttered.

*HANDY TIP* I had a segmented lunchbox I found while sorting my plastics cupboard that had no lid. I’ve used it  on my sink to hold my scouring pad and sponge in the bigger section and my plugs and some cotton tips in the two smaller sections. I like to keep cotton tips handy by the sink as they are awesome for cleaning the inside of baby bottle teats and the straws in kids’ drink bottles.

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Zombie Mum

After I signed off last night, thinking I would go to bed, bubs decided she had other plans. So after not going to bed until midnight in the end, and then getting up at least every hour after that until morning, I’ve been a bit zombie-like today.

No. of times up during the night: I lost count.

Rise and shine: 7.30am

Chocolate consumed: 1 funsize Snickers, 1 funsize Mars bar, 1 Oreo (not too bad, considering)

Toilet timeouts: 0 (though I came close!)

All kids in bed by: 8.00pm

My bedtime: 9.15pm

Keeping it to a brief summary today as I am exhausted.

Today I…

Did the usual dishes and laundry and school run. Did a big kitchen/dining room/lounge room clean and tidy. Took the princess to swimming lessons. Did some farm paperwork. Continued my sort out of the spare room. And made a roast for dinner. (As a side note, I managed to keep my internet distractions to a minimum today, yay!)

A Useful Link

Mum sent me a link to a great post today on decluttering to help make managing the house a lot easier. I now just need to bite the bullet and get to decluttering (easier said than done for a habitual hoarder like myself). Here’s the link:

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