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In the Pantry (part 2)

No. of times up during the night: 2 x feeding bubs, 2 x take child back to bed

Rise and shine: 7.20am

Chocolate consumed: A couple of handfuls of maltesers, 2 funsize Mars Bars

Toilet timeouts: 0

On the menu:  Sausages & chips for the kids, microwave meal for me (not the healthiest of dinners, especially after take away last night, but bubs was really unsettled tonight so I chucked on whatever was quick and easy).

All kids in bed by: 8.20pm

My bedtime: 9.30pm

Today I…

Vacuumed the house. Wiped down the kitchen. Had swimming lesson with the princess. Continued attacking the pantry.

In the Pantry

It seems like day 5 of 31 Days to an Organised Home (organising my pantry) is turning into a whole week. At this rate I might get to day 31 by the end of the year! Today I’m sharing shelf two. First, a reminder of what my pantry looked like before:


Now onto the second bottom shelf (cereal, pasta, rice, etc.):


Shelf 2

Here’s the breakdown:

– I have an annoyingly designed pantry with these spaces on either side that are difficult to utilise, but I’ve tried to work with it as best I can. I’ve tried to line up the cereals in a way that I can easily see every box, without having some boxes behind others by lining the smaller boxes along that annoying side space and the bigger boxes along the back (all with spines facing out).

*THRIFTY TIP* If you don’t want to fork out for fancy labels, here’s a little trick I came up with: Cut out the name of the pasta/rice from the packet after you’ve put the contents into a sealable container and tape it onto the container. This is especially good for non see-through containers. On the container with the oats I also made sure to cut out and tape on the instructions for making porridge.

– I used to have the kids’ snack box on a higher shelf to stop them raiding it whenever they wanted. Boy wonder is now tall enough to reach it anyway and often leaves it on the floor because he can’t get it back up again, so I’ve decided to put it back at their level. They’re actually getting quite good at asking first now anyway. The snack box works well because a) I don’t have heaps of opened boxes of muesli bars, cheese & biscuits and boxes of sultanas cluttering the cupboard, I just dump all the snacks into the box together, and b) the kids know which snacks are theirs. I’m about to start getting boy wonder to pack his own school snacks in the morning and it will be easy for him to just pick a snack from the box to put in his lunchbox.

– I’ve used a labelled basket to keep all my packet pasta and 2-minute noodles contained in one spot. Behind them are my lasagne sheets, tacos, etc.

– As with the first shelf, I’ve used white paper and a black marker to label where everything belongs.

Next post I’ll move on to the next shelf, so stay tuned.

P.S. I think my pantry organisation is already proving a success with hubby as he reportedly showed it off to my SIL today (and I haven’t even finished yet!).

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