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Organising Kitchen Drawers

It’s been super busy around here with school holidays, and especially this past week I’ve fallen behind on my schedule (I should have had boy wonder’s room finished this week, but I barely made a dent in sorting through his toys). I’ve been getting lots of positive comments on my house from visitors (yes, I’ve had visitors!–doors shut to yet-to-be-organised rooms, of course). My best friend was impressed with the girls’ wardrobe organisation and my MIL thinks my homemade light shade in the dining room really makes a difference to the room. I’ll be revealing both of those in future posts. Today I’m revealing some more of my kitchen.

I have three drawers in my kitchen, two are usable. They were both hideously overstocked with cutlery and utensils. I took a deep breath and shoved my inner hoarder’s voice in a box. As I went through the drawers I asked myself the following questions:

1. Have I ever used it

2. Will I ever use it (be honest!)

A lot of stuff went to the op shop (seriously, why in the world did I have so many knives!! And why do I even need cocktail forks when I always put out toothpicks at parties anyway).

The results…

Drawer 1 BEFORE

You can kind of see here how there is actually cutlery underneath the caddy.

Drawer 1 AFTER

So much better. I have a lot of baby spoons and forks, so I’ve popped them in some plastic cups at the side so they’re not overflowing from the caddy. I’ve since bought a new caddy with two compartments at the front so I can put the longer kids’ knives and forks in one and the longer handled teaspoons in the other. The shorter teaspoons are also in a cup (one whose handle broke off).

Kids’ medicine cups are at the front and egg cups are at the back.

If you can tell from the pic, the soup spoons and dessert spoons still share a compartment, but I’ve topped and tailed them so the soup spoons face up and the dessert spoons face down. No more grabbing a soup spoon for my cereal in the morning!

Drawer 2 BEFORE

Needless to say it was a dangerous task searching for anything with all those knives in there. P.S. Does anyone know what that thingy up the back is that looks like it could be for slicing stuff. I have no idea what is or why I even had it.

Drawer 2 AFTER

And look under here!

Before I would never have let my kids in that drawer under any circumstances. The knives are now hidden under a teatowel out of the way so no one will cut themselves searching through the drawer. And I can now ask a child to retrieve a spatula without fearing they’ll come back minus a finger. The tea towel is easily pulled back to retrieve a knife without disturbing the contents on top too much.

And now that I’ve rid the drawer of all the accumulated, unnecessary utensils, I can actually see what I want to grab as soon as I open the drawer with no searching! Yay!


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