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Deadlines Are Great Motivators

Today’s stats

Chocolate consumed: 2 x funsize Mars Bars, 1 x hot chocolate

Toilet timeouts: 0

I’ll admit that the last month has been hard for me in the motivation department.

It’s very hard to keep motivation up when rooms I’ve already organised are falling back into disarray as I move onto other rooms to organise. *sigh* (In case you’ve been wondering why I haven’t posted any more before and after photos, this is why.)

I do think once I finally get this place fully organised and get into a routine of maintainance, it will be easier. But at the moment, while my house is still in a state of getting organised I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed. The idea of the bit-by-bit approached worked well in the beginning, but falling behind, then finding I was having trouble keeping on top of finished rooms started the build up of feeling overwhelmed again, which led to my old fall-backs of procrastination and avoidance. (Plus a teething baby and sick children didn’t help.) Chocolate consumption increased and there were a few toilet-breakdown-moments.

Then came the breakthrough.

I’m pretty sure I can attribute it to the sudden realisation that there was less than a month to go before boy wonder’s birthday! Eep! I need to get my butt into gear. Big time.¬†Instead of falling apart at the thought of how little time I have left, I’ve found new determination.

So the last few days I went back into boy wonder’s room (which I had abandoned weeks ago to move onto other rooms). Apart from a few bits and pieces left to sort, it’s actually looking good. Decluttered, updated and ready to show off to all his little friends at the party.

I also have another little motivator:

Bubs has started crawling! So I also have new determination for keeping this place tidy, or at least keeping the floor picked up and vacuumed.

Here’s a rundown on how I’m progressing overall:

Kitchen: Completed, pretty well maintained.

Dining room: Completed, having trouble maintaining (mostly the dining table, which still attracts a lot of clutter).

Lounge room: Completed, having trouble maintaining (not as bad as before, but toys and washing remain the main culprits).

Hallway/entrance: Completed, not too bad.

Bathroom: Completed and maintained. Yay! At least one room has managed to stay organised.

Laundry: Not quite complete, getting out of control again.

Girls’ room: Completed, needs a good clean up again.

Boy wonder’s room: Almost complete, looking good.

Kids’ hallway: Half complete, looking a bit of a mess at the moment with the stuff I’m still in the process of sorting (waiting for hubby to help me move a cupboard down there so I can finish it off).

Master bedroom: Started, barely. Still a lot of work to be done, but I can wait until after the party if need be, so I’m not too stressed. Our walk-in-robe is nearly complete and staying maintained so far. I haven’t started on the ensuite.

Spare room: Not-yet-started. I actually forgot to add it onto my original schedule. Oops. (Luckily it’s another one that can wait until after the party if need be. Closed doors are great for that.)

Yard: Half-complete. Debris is cleared (ie: broken toys) and I’ve started weeding the garden. We’ve had calves living in our yard the last couple of months, so it’s been hard to get out there and do too much, but hubby finally moved them out over the weekend, which means I can finally start doing something with the garden without fear of all my plants being eaten or trampled!

So I’ve still got a bit of work ahead of me and only 3 weeks until party day, but I’ve got my motivation back.

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