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A New Week Begins

I didn’t worry about keeping track of my days over the weekend and I don’t think I will in future either. Saturday is my self-designated day off. I don’t do much housework, except for the basics, like dishes; I don’t do paperwork unless something urgent needs to be done; and I don’t even cook dinner (take out night!). Sunday is busy as boy wonder has his weekend sport that takes up most of our morning and sometimes in the afternoon we go visiting or have visitors over (usually family).

But now a new week is here, it’s back to keeping this housework diary…

No. of times up during the night: 1 x feeding baby (very happy with this after she had a few bad nights in a row, though I did wake up with a damp PJ top)

Rise and shine: 7.00am

Chocolate consumed: A handful of Maltesers, 1 funsize Snickers, 1 funsize Mars bar, 2 choc orange mini muffins, a few licks of melted cooking chocolate.

Toilet timeouts: 1 (2 minutes–farm-related stress)

All kids in bed by: 7.30pm

My bedtime:  10.45pm

Today I…

Fed bubs. Make Milos. Drank milo while checking email & Facebook (10 minutes). Changed bubs. Made breakfast for kids & myself. Ate breakfast (10 minutes). Made cuppa for hubby. Stoked fire. Made & packed boy wonder’s lunch. Talked to mum on the phone. Unloaded dishwasher. Cleaned dishwasher filter. Got kids ready. Did school drop off. Reloaded dishwasher. Paid bills online & wrote cheques. Fed bubs while still paying bills. Did farm paperwork while eating morning tea. Loaded dryer & reloaded washing machine. Facebook (15 minutes). Changed bubs. Chatted with a mummy friend online (gave advice about a school situation). Fed bubs. Talked with hubby re workers. Made muffins. Folded washing. Rocked bubs to sleep (2 attempts). Made lunch for myself & the princess. Ate lunch while on internet (half hour). Made lunch for hubby. Fed bubs. Had cuddles with the princess. Put away muffins. Wiped kitchen bench. Made dentist appointment. Unloaded & reloaded dryer. Folded washing. Changed bubs & got girls ready to go into town. Tried to find a park! (took three drives around the block before one became free). Went to chemist. Returned DVD. Browsed op shop (10 min). Picked up boy wonder from school. Read boy wonder’s mid-year school report. Fed bubs. Fed pets & renewed dog’s water. Played with all three kids. Folded, sorted & put away washing. Prepared dinner. Rocked bubs to sleep. Cooked dinner. Washed baking stuff. Dished up dinner. Changed bubs. Ate dinner while feeding bubs. Put bubs to bed. Finished dinner. Got kids into bed. Got wood for fire. Attempted to light fire (failed). Reheated hubby’s dinner. Blogged. Watched TV. Fed bubs. Bed.

Can I just say that paying bills online is a lifesaver for busy mums! Without online bill paying I would have to drag my kids around town to pay bills (and as any mother knows everything takes ten times as long with kids in tow, plus little kids tend to get bored and cranky if they have to dragged around too long.)


Here is a link to the absolutely scrumptious choc orange muffins I made today. I stirred through melted cooking chocolate in place of choc chips. They were a hit with both hubby and the kids.

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