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Zombie Mum

After I signed off last night, thinking I would go to bed, bubs decided she had other plans. So after not going to bed until midnight in the end, and then getting up at least every hour after that until morning, I’ve been a bit zombie-like today.

No. of times up during the night: I lost count.

Rise and shine: 7.30am

Chocolate consumed: 1 funsize Snickers, 1 funsize Mars bar, 1 Oreo (not too bad, considering)

Toilet timeouts: 0 (though I came close!)

All kids in bed by: 8.00pm

My bedtime: 9.15pm

Keeping it to a brief summary today as I am exhausted.

Today I…

Did the usual dishes and laundry and school run. Did a big kitchen/dining room/lounge room clean and tidy. Took the princess to swimming lessons. Did some farm paperwork. Continued my sort out of the spare room. And made a roast for dinner. (As a side note, I managed to keep my internet distractions to a minimum today, yay!)

A Useful Link

Mum sent me a link to a great post today on decluttering to help make managing the house a lot easier. I now just need to bite the bullet and get to decluttering (easier said than done for a habitual hoarder like myself). Here’s the link:

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Donning my Accountant Hat

Pay day today–not for me, for our workers, so I had to don my accountant hat. Thankfully it’s only a once a fortnight job.

No. of times up during the night: 1 x feeding baby (Nice! Though she was up before the sun this morning)

Rise and shine: 6.30am

Chocolate consumed: Half a bag of Maltesers, 1 funsize Snickers, 1 funsize Mars bar, 1 hot chocolate, 2 teaspoons dry Milo

Toilet timeouts: 0

All kids in bed by: 7.25pm 9.00pm

My bedtime: 10.00pm

Today I…

Fed bubs. Played with bubs. Cuppa and computer (15min). Made cuppas for hubby, boy wonder & the princess. Made breakfast. Ate breakfast. Got kids dressed and ready. Got together donation items for charity drive. Dropped off boy wonder and donation items at school. Played dress ups with the princess. Loaded washing machine. Unstacked & restacked dishwasher. Wiped benches and stove. Fed and changed bubs. Did banking online. Did pays for workers. Checked email & Facebook (20min). Tummy time for bubs. Sorted and folded washing. Made lunch. Ate lunch while cruising the internet (40min). Changed and fed bubs. Posted on writing blog. Rocked bubs to sleep. Made lunch for hubby & worker. Worked on writing. Folded & put away clothes. Rocked bubs back to sleep. Loaded dryer. Dropped off boy wonder’s show and tell (and stayed to watch). Played with the princess in school playground until school finished. Organised afternoon tea. Fed bubs. Stoked fire. Fed pets. Got washing off the line. Cleaned out boy wonder’s school bag. Read newsletter. Marked dates on calendar. Spent time with bubs and the princess. Loaded dishwasher. Cleaned frying pan. Prepared & cooked dinner. Changed bubs. Ate half dinner while feeding bubs farax & half while breastfeeding. Put bubs to bed. Got other kids ready for bed. Read press release for new book coming out soon. Facebook. Blog. Reheated dinner for hubby & looked after him as he’s coming down with the ‘flu. Fed bubs & put her back to bed again. Made cuppa for hubby. Stoked fire. Cruised internet.

I think I got a little distracted by the internet a few times today–one of the pitfalls of working on the computer is it can be all too easy to get distracted on there once the work is done.

What are your biggest distractions? How do you stop yourself from getting distracted?

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Testing 1, 2, 3

Here goes nothing…

No. of times up during the night: 2 x feeding baby, 2 x children climbing in bed, numerous times being elbowed/kicked/squooshed between children in the bed.

Rise and shine: 7.30am (Boy wonder was up earlier, but hubby was in making a coffee, so made boy wonder a Milo and switched on cartoons for him. Awesome!)

Chocolate consumed: Half a bag of Maltesers, 1 funsize Snickers, 1 funsize Mars bar, 1 hot chocolate

Toilet timeouts: 0

All kids in bed by: 8.15pm

My bedtime: 9.45pm

Today I…

Got up. Made Milos. Made breakfast for children. Got 5 minutes to drink my cuppa and check Facebook. Changed bubs’ nappy. Made boy wonder’s lunch for school. Had 10 minutes for breakfast (checked emails & Facebook). Fed bubs. Got kids dressed. Loaded dryer. Loaded washing machine. Unloaded & reloaded dishwasher (last 4 with bubs in my arms). Unpacked and put away last of shopping I didn’t get unpacked yesterday. Rock bubs to sleep. Make cuppas for hubby & worker. Stoke fire. Rock bubs back to sleep again. Make up hamper for my dad’s birthday. Wipe down all benches, table & stove. Sweep all floors. Unload & reload dryer. Reload washing machine. Morning tea while checking critique group & doing critiques (with one break to help the princess on the toilet). Feed bubs while doing farm paperwork. Change bubs. Make lunch. Stoke fire. Eat lunch (15 minutes). Floor time with bubs. Unload & reload dryer. Sort out spare room. Feed bubs. Facebook & internet time wasting (40 minutes). School pick up. Set up new blog (45 minutes). Continue sorting spare room. Feed dogs. Stoke fire. Clean out boy wonder’s school bag. Do a floor pick up.Defrost meat for dinner. Feed bubs while reading over info from editor on book release. Work on words with boy wonder. Load dishwasher. Prepare & cook dinner. Eat half dinner while feeding bubs her dinner, eat other half while trying to calm screaming bubs. Change bubs. Feed bubs. Get kids into PJs, organise hot water bottles and put kids to bed. Feed, walk with & rock bubs until she finally goes to sleep. Put bubs to bed. Blog. Play Facebook games. Cook hubby’s dinner. Go to bed.

So… what do you think? Do I do too much? Not enough? Am I wasting too much time in my day that could be better spent? I know there were two blocks of time there where I spent a bit too much time on the internet.

Do you have any tips or advice for getting more done? Help!

Kid Funny of the Day:

The princess is on the toilet calling out to me desperately, “Muuuuum! Muuuuum! Cooooome heeeere! Muuuuum!” I rush in and ask her what’s wrong. She looks up at me calmly from the toilet and says, “I picking my boogers.” Which she then demonstrates.


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