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Zombie Mum

After I signed off last night, thinking I would go to bed, bubs decided she had other plans. So after not going to bed until midnight in the end, and then getting up at least every hour after that until morning, I’ve been a bit zombie-like today.

No. of times up during the night: I lost count.

Rise and shine: 7.30am

Chocolate consumed: 1 funsize Snickers, 1 funsize Mars bar, 1 Oreo (not too bad, considering)

Toilet timeouts: 0 (though I came close!)

All kids in bed by: 8.00pm

My bedtime: 9.15pm

Keeping it to a brief summary today as I am exhausted.

Today I…

Did the usual dishes and laundry and school run. Did a big kitchen/dining room/lounge room clean and tidy. Took the princess to swimming lessons. Did some farm paperwork. Continued my sort out of the spare room. And made a roast for dinner. (As a side note, I managed to keep my internet distractions to a minimum today, yay!)

A Useful Link

Mum sent me a link to a great post today on decluttering to help make managing the house a lot easier. I now just need to bite the bullet and get to decluttering (easier said than done for a habitual hoarder like myself). Here’s the link:

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